Where did my weekend go?

Wrapping a lot of details into one post, bear with me and try to keep up.

I hate school, I am too old for it. I guess it’s my own fault for being such a slacker. Just need to stay focused on that light down there at the end of the tunnel.

This weekend I finished a project, took an exam, wrote a paper, completed a homework assignment and started anotehr project (that is due tomorrow!).

I am slighly getting my ass kicked by all this work, I forgot how much work it is to go full time not to mention work full time in the process.

I did watch a few movies last week, I watched A Million to Juan (for one fo my classes) and Tootsie. Renee really wanted to see Tootsie so I Netflixed it. I will write up some reviews soon. In fact my paper I wrote this weekend was on A Million to Juan so maybe I will just post that!

I also changed the oil on the BMW, or maybe it would be better to say, I got oil all over the f’n place then refilled the bike. It was not a pretty process for my first attempt on this bike. I did learn a lot though. I should be less messy about it the next time I do it. I still need to change the air filter, but after my oil change fiasco I decided to hold off until next weekend.

After dropping of my project and taking my exam on Saturday I need some time to unwind. Spent some time vegging out in the backyard with the dog and Elvis too! Decided to snap some pics of the furrballs. Here are a few selections. Click on the photos to view the rest of them in their albums.



2 thoughts on “Where did my weekend go?”

  1. Keep up the hard work Jay. you will really appreciate it when its all over!

    School Rools!

    Go broncos!

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