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Why? effective 10/04/2006 has implemented a requirement that you fill out age gender and location information in order to access the content on the site. Can they do this? Sure it’s their site, but is it agood practice…no.

Sure they claim it is to better tailor their information, but that should be accomplished through a voluntary poll. Restricting access and FORCING the user to complete this personal information is obviously not well thought out.

That is why, I recommend finding another website for your local news needs. has always had an edge on the other news sites for Colorado, but with tactics like this I certianly hope the people push back and let them know this is unacceptable.

Just in case they change things in the coming hours, here is what you are presented with when trying to access a news item:


Here is a workaround, you can disable your cookies since it is based on cookie information. Again this is a really stupid way to do this. If someone clears their cookies they will be required to complete the form again. If someone is on a service such as AOL, their IP address will change all the time so there is no way for them to determine duplicate data. Meaning a lot of their data will be worthless.

Not to mention you have people accessing from home, work, school, library, airports, friends machines and so forth. If a user has to complete that form 5 times then the data they are collecting is not accurate.

Dammit, I hate the internet sometimes.

In the mean time here are some other news stations to get your local news:

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  1. I always just write in that my Name is Cecil Jenkins and I’m 69 years old and that I love methyl alcohol.

    actually, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to that website. I just watch Kyle Dyer in the morning, she’s a cutie!

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