9news.com again…

It appears that they have stopped the form, maybe it was a test, maybe it is just during certain times. It was dumb anway.

Still, if you are ever presented by it, don’t complete it and send them an email about how you don’t like it! Yeah!

Stupid website.

2 thoughts on “9news.com again…”

  1. Hey, did you know you can win a red umbrella from Kathy Sabine on 9news.com?!? Man, what a dream that would be!!!

    Yes, I’m being sarcastic. She’s pretty good-lookin’ and all, but damn those commercials she does with the umbrellas are really lame. Maybe I can go on the air as an umbrella winner, and just as the camera gets to her handing the thing to me I’ll grab it and bash the crap out of it on the ground, then jump up & down on it like the raging monkey I am. Do you think they’d put that on the air?

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