I have become dissatisfied with Doctors and Insurance

While we need insurance so we can afford to see a Doctor, insurance makes it really difficult to see the doctor(s) you need to. You need referrals, and some insurance companies just a need a form, others need a letter, then they just send you statements tha say we didn’t receive shit so we aren’t going to pay. And by the way, you have like 2 minutes to respond before we make our final decision to deny you.

So then I get to spend most of my morning on the phone with my Doctors office trying to straighten out referrals and then spend the other half of the morning on the phone with the insurance company who kepps me on hold most the time while they call my Doctors office to do what I just did, only better.

I’m not saying either side is bad or dumb, but this isn’t like getting an oil change on a car, or buying a house. This is human life and trying to stay alive for as long as we can but sometimes it is such a pain in the ass you just want to say f it and roll the dice and hope everything stays okay.

I guess you could always argue, don’t get sick then you got nothing to worry about. 🙂

Oh well, sorry for the rant, maybe if I have some more time I will share the exciting medical news in my life! Um, okay so it’s not exciting, it is more disturbing than exciting, but I guess things that are disturbing are exciting in a way.

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