The Big Dig?

No I’m not talking about the mouth herpes of Boston, but the decision by an elementary school south of Boston to ban any “chase” games on the playground out of fear of being sued.

You can read more about this story….Not it! Elementary school bans tag

This is so asinine I don’t even know where to begin. Why can’t kids be kids? Isn’t every childhood game exclusionary? Doesn’t it usually entail one kid being “picked.” Dodgeball, Suicide, Duck Duck Goose. All these childhood games require someone to get singled out and in some cases wailed upon.

It is part of growing up. I recall being in elementary school and having some make out sessions at recess. After being caught as well as some other kids caught the school passed a rule that no hand holding was allowed, or hugging…or KISSING. They never said anything about groping. 😉

We also were restricted from wearing live 9mm rounds in out Levi tags on our jean jackets (God I just dated myself). This is one rule I now agree with, it took a girl almost losing an eye to one of these live rounds to make that a rule.

I bring these items up because well, it was the 1980’s. I got scrapes, cuts, bruises, the wind knocked out of me, my heart broken, my shins kicked hell I punched a 6th grader in the face when i was in the first grade. We had high speed collisions in games like tag and Red Rover. Still I am normal, I don’t feel like I was an outsider or a bully or anything like that.

Tag, touch football, I mean it doesn’t get much more harmless. Sure you get the kid that likes to shove, but that’s part of the game and the fun. The sheer terror of running from the kid twice your size that has failed a grade or two can be quite exhilarating. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? These kids are going to be total sissies that cry every time someone breathes on them funny.

Even if you did get shoved it meant an abrupt trip to the ground, a dusting off and removing some pea gravel that got embedded in your skin, but no big deal.

What kid didn’t fall from the monkey bars, fall backwards off a swing, puke from winding up and spinning too fast on the tire swing?

I don’t recall one lawsuit or death from playground activity in my childhood. Kids are kids, let them be kids or they will grow up to be real assholes like the people that are trying to control their lives by “outlawing” these games.

Parents aren’t much better by supporting these types of initiatives. I’m not in any position to talk about parenting, but if you don’t want your kid participating in these activities, then tell your kid. Don’t bitch about it to the school, talk to your child. Parents seem so caught up in wanting to protect their children that they don’t take the responsibility to protect them, they want everyone else to be responsible.

If you don’t want your kid to play tag, touch football, or any other childhood fun time activity, tell them not to. You are an adult, you can find out if they have obeyed your orders or not. Don’t make it the school or anyone else’s responsibility but your own.

Ok, I guess that’s enough bitching and moaning on my part, please, someone for the love of God knock some sense into people. Quit making childhood more miserable for these kids. Stopping these games and activities is excluding these specific students from the joys of life. What happens when they go to middle school and high school and know nothing about these games and are teased and made fun of…oh shit, time to get them into therapy. They must have ADD, dammit I am digressing again.

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