It’s coming…

the Ski Season is near! Yes A-Basin and Loveland are already open, but I am never in shape or really enjoy skiing this early. I usually wait until December, but they are gettina ot of snow so maybe I will venture up in the coming weeks.

We got passes to Copper Mountain this year. I haven’t skied in 3 God damn years because of health stuff. So I said no more! I must ski! Screw those doctors what do they know anyway.

I just can’t be crazy for awhile, still I can’t wait. I should have some more news on the health front soon, within a few weeks at most it appears so stay tuned.

Here is something to keep you wondering why you are at work today…

2 thoughts on “It’s coming…”

  1. We shall Ride like the Nazgul and smote our ruin upon the copper slopes!!!!


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