A bugs life…

No, this isn’t a review of the animated film but an odd observation. While sitting in the waiting room at the hospital yesterday waiting for a less than pleasant procedure we observed two bugs. They were the same type of bug. It was early in the morning, not a lot of people were there just yet. These two bugs were cruising around on the tile floor. Wandering aimlessly, sometimes appearing they were headed for a destination only to turn and head in a new direction. At first it was humorous to watch them, then human traffic picked up. After all, the waiting area is at the entrance to the hospital, so all the workers were coming in for their shift. The bugs kept their distance from each other, maybe it was to increase their chances for survival, or maybe they are just bugs and there was no real reason.

As we sat and watched we observed these bugs narrowly avoiding a fate of being crushed by a foot. Somehow they were sneaking through. We noticed that they would sort of jump when someone was walking over them which would cause them to get punted and they would get back up and start wandering aimlessly again. Not unlike a video game of the late 80’s the obstacles grew as they continued to survive. As if the foot traffic was not enough the book carts and maintenance carts started coming through. At one point Renee ripped my schedule from my heads to read it instead of observer the potential demise of one or both of these little bugs we grew a fondness for.

Somehow through the chaos one became injured. As I sat there swearing at them to go for the planter by the front door one of them got hurt. How did we miss it. We were helpless only to watch the little bug hobble around, one or more of his legs appeared to be broken. The other, still in one piece continued wandering around, and eventially headed for the planter.

As for the injured bug, he worked his way over to the carpet, luckily Renee lost track of where he was, but I could see him. I knew he wasn’t going to make it much longer. Within moments of thinking that an elderly lady with an oxygen tank came across the room slowly and trampled the poor little bug. He didn’t even try to escape, maybe he knew that there was no hope and this was the best way to go.

Sometimes I feel like those bugs, wandering around aimlessly wondering where I should go and what I should do. Life is very short, make the best of it and don’t give up.

One thought on “A bugs life…”

  1. You ain’t no bug. I always kinda thought of you as more of a kangaroo, or maybe a stingray.

    I know you’ll get through this man, it’ll all come together.

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