I’m home now

I got out of the hospital on Monday afternoon and have been resting as best I can at home. It is a slow process and is going to take a number of weeks for me to get better. I have some staples and stitches in various places on my back and my right lung is fighting to be healthy. Renee is being my nurse and giving me my IV antibiotics at home. It is a little scary, but she is doing a good job.

I am definitely not out of the woods yet, so please keep those good thoughts a coming, they really are appreciated. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and new year and I look forward to seeing everyone again sometime soon.

3 thoughts on “I’m home now”

  1. Eventhough you never called me back so I could come and see you (before the blizzard struck), I still love you like a sister and wish you well mofo! Call me soon!!!

  2. Jay!

    Joe and I have had you and Renee in our thoughts since we first got wind of your ordeal. We are relieved you are at home and getting better. We are headed to Wyoming for the holidays but afterward, we plan on bothering you a little bit …

    Take care, happy holidays and GET WELL!!!

    P.S. Violet says Hi to Kona. (And to you both, of course.)

  3. Jay,

    Glad to hear you are improving and that you are home for the holidays, with your own personal nurse. Merry Christmas!

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