Progress report

For those following my little adventure, I did get the staples and stitches out back on the 27th. Made a big difference. However I found, and I guess I missed this while on pain drugs in the hospital, that I have about a 3 – 6 month recovery period for this surgery. So yeah, my ski season is over before it began.

Also, the infectious disease doc decided to keep me on an IV antibiotic for a few more weeks so I am stuck with this stupid picc line in my left arm for the time being.

The good news is I am healing well and I am feeling better. I am off the oxygen and moving around decently. I still get worn out a bit easily and need to be careful not to overdue it. My back tends to hurt after standing or sitting upright for long periods of time so I am still working on that.

I still can’t sleep in any other position than on my back at night, which sucks. Still I am getting closer to being able to roll over and all that. I am basically worthless with physical tasks.

Heading back to work next week, from home of course. I hope to be able to head in at least for a little bit at the end of next week or early the following week. I need to get some normalcy back into my life.

I hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday season and continues to do so with the new year. Thanks again for all the phone calls and thoughts.

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