Blizzard of 2006

Ok, so this is WAY WAY WAY late, and old news to many. For those of you (family and friends) that aren’t in Colorado I thought I would be sure to post this so you could at least see pictures. The blizzard hit one or two days after I got out of the hospital and the pictures were taken by my lovely bride to be. Here are a few as teasers, you should be able to get to the whole album by clicking on them.

On a side note, we are still impacted by th original blizzard, which hit around December 20 – 22nd. There was a second one a week later, which hit Southern Colorado much worse, but still gave us about another foot of snow. Overall we got about 3 feet of snow from the first storm and about a foot from the second. Our street is still snow packed. The main roads are clear. We have another storm coming in tomorrow, but it should be small.
kona_blizzard 007.jpg

kona_blizzard 003.jpg

kona_blizzard 015.jpg

kona_blizzard 012.jpg

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