Hey! Who turned off the heat?

Good lord man it’s cold. I know I know, this is not uncommon for Colorado. In fact it is more common than the news casters like to admit on TV. We have just had mild winters for so long it’s nice to kind of have a real winter again. We were getting really spoiled.

Of course it can’t happen without some bitching. Since we are still suffering the hangover of the Blizzard of 2006 the roads are really icy and we have about 4 or 5 more days of this extreme cold. Which means no melting and reaching the one month mark (more than likely) of having this snow around. Now that is not very common for the metro area.

Plus there are the idiot drivers, I left late this morning. As I have been most of this week. I don’t really enjoy rush hour with the discomfort I have from my surgery so I like to drive with less traffic. For the most part people drive pretty well this morning. As I approached 470 & I70 it backed up because the ramp was really icy and there was a gawker block due to a spun out car. So now all these people that were driving carefully become total asshats and go run out the non exiting lane until the last moment then cut off the cars in the exiting lanes. I mean WTF? You can see the ice, you can see the spun out cars, what the hell are you thinking?

Still, I love snow packed roads, especially with the Audi, it is fun to get the wheels spinning and do a little fishtailing and so on. Puts a big smile on my face.

So everyone affected by this storm, bundle up and keep warm! Make sure your pets are warm too!

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