Mini Margs!

Thank goodness for mini margs. I have been going through serious withdrawal from not having beer or margarita’s for so long. So last night we went to the Rio for dinner and I talked Renee into letting me have a mini marg. Yes I know this are typically reserved for the lunch crowd that don’t want to get sloshed before returning to work, but it tasted so good.

I did get a lot of funny looks and even our server made fun of me, but you know what, I had a marg and she didn’t so take that!

Here are some pics, my mini marg up front compared to the normal marg (sorry for the crappy camera phone photos):



2 thoughts on “Mini Margs!”

  1. When we having the “Jay’s Back On the Bottle” night with the fellas? Glad your doing better man, you had us scared there for awhile.


  2. Soon man, soon. I find out next week if things have “gone away.” If so then I should be ready to binge. Of course I’ll be a cheap date I’m sure. Probably a couple drinks will do me in. I’m like Kate Moss only uglier and not a chick.

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