A little about me, a little about other things.

So I went to my doctor at National Jewish the other day to get a follow up and x-rays to make sure I am progressing good. As it turns out things look really good all things considered. However, I found myself facing some hard truths. It will probably be a full year before I am truly 100% again. I also found that they broke a rib or two for the surgery and I don’t recall them telling me that. I am not mad, but it at least explains why I am so f’n sore all the time.

Now onto other things, the city of Centennial FINALLY..I MEAN FINALLY got it together and started plowing our street removing snow from as far back as December 20, 2006. I know it’s hard with budgets and all but since the Governor declared the state a disaster they have access to emergency funds. So for about 2.5 hours last night they plowed our street. It was neat to watch them work through the snow and ice. While their efforts were good, I found the really nasty ruts towards the end of the street were still…nasty. They were probably okay for most vehicles, but my lowered Audi would have nothing to do with it so I had to kind of straddle the ruts to get down the road. Of course others have done the same thing so there are now ruts forming around the original ruts. Fortunately it is in the 40’s – 50’s this week so with the plowing that was done most of this should be gone by this weekend.

I guess that’s it for now…

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