It’s cold…damn cold!

So these mild Winters of the last 7+ years have really spoiled us. Then again we were in a drought so I guess we should feel blessed. However I can’t enjoy ANY of this weather. I will admit some hot dogging in the Audi around corners and so forth, but I can’t ski, and I can’t use the snow blower oh and I can’t drive the Scout so no snow bashing.

As you can see I am quite miserable. I would rather it be 70 like Winters past so I don’t shiver and suffer without having some fun. I guess then you could argue that I also can’t ride the BMW so then I would be bitching about that.

One good thing…Josh and Eden will be in town this weekend. We are having brunch with them and Mr and Mrs The Bear…oh and little The Bear too! It will be good to see them and maybe even get a little bit drunk.

Last night I went to the Rio to meet up with the RMCB5 crew. It was a great time, I was glad to see most folks that said they were coming braved the snow and cold to come out and share some laughs and drinks. I ingested two FULL margaritas…gave me quote a buzz.

One thought on “It’s cold…damn cold!”

  1. You think its cold here….today it was -16 degrees where I grew up in wisconsin.

    this weather is balmy and fun.

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