I give up!

I can’t take any more of this getting sick bullshit. I guess you can say I am sick and tired of being….sick and tired. I just came down with some who knows what cold that feels like the bird flu or something.

Now I have to go back to the doctors to get x-rays so they can look to see if this God forsaken infection is rearing it’s ugly head again. Even if it’s not, I’m freaking sick and miserable. I am less than one f’n week away from my next infusion and I get this crap.

I hate this, I quit, I give up, throw in the towel, whatever. I can’t fucking win and am rapidly losing the will to even care if I ever feel better. Either take me away or let me get better, I just can’t deal with this rollercoaster ride anymore. It’s making me loony.

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