One last thing, lighten up people…

So some holier than thou folks are bitching about the super bowl halftime show. It was not obscene and honestly, the people getting their panties in a bunch over it are just looking for excuses. In fact, just about anything you look at can be considered obscene. Like School Buses, they are kind of phallic looking, like a giant dildo.

What about those sand domes the State of Colorado uses to store and keep dry all the road gravel, they look like boobies. Yet I don’t hear anyone voicing a complaint? Has anyone complained to the school districts about the phallic appearance of school buses? Or to the state about the booby looking sand houses? Nope, sounds to me that there are a few folks with too much time on their hands and just want to make a big deal out of nothing.

Which leads me to the next one…”the Snickers ad.” Okay all you GLAAD membership carrying folks, it is a parody, a joke. How could anyone who is Gay be offended? Is it that you think by them stating it’s not okay for them to kiss and do something manly to make up for it is anti gay or homophobic? Sure, maybe if you want to dig that deep reading into it.

If they had shown the “love boat” version would that have been better? I’m all peachy about equal rights for every human being on this earth, but again, I point to some people with too much time on their hands.

To be honest, if I were in the same situation, since I have no attraction to men, I would probably react the same way as the guys on the commercial. Though I don’t have enough chest hair to rip off, I would probably have to do the motor oil chug or just get wailed on by a hood.

So again, lighten up, the world isn’t out to get anyone, laugh a little, even if it pokes fun at your life a little. We all die some time so don’t take this shit too seriously and enjoy life, stop wasting time clamping down on what’s okay and not okay for me to watch or laugh at.

2 thoughts on “One last thing, lighten up people…”

  1. everyone goes around trying to find reasons to be offended.

    you know what’s really offensive? the criminal we have in the white house.

  2. If school buses are phallic to you then you must have had a interesting adolescence or have a weird looking peter. Either way, you should call me. I know a guy who says you can make some serious cash in your spare time.

    I couldn’t care less about the snickers ad. Except it wasn’t even funny. I am perplexed at how a group of supposedly smart advertising people could sit in a room and spend millions of dollars and all they can come up with is “hey, lets make a couple of guys kiss.”

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