I am the father of Anna Nicole’s baby!

Ok, no I’m not, but I wanted on the bandwagon.

I guess as long as I have your attention. I get these infusions now monthly, little tiny bits of thousands of peoples immune systems get pumped into mine. I get really invigorated after receiving the infusion, it was really bad almost. I mean I couldn’t sleep last night and I thought of 6 different ways to cut down the 50ft blue spruce in front of my house to minimize the loss of life in the process.

I also determined that I am going to finish the Scout this year hell or high water. I know I say that every year, but I mean it! I really do! I swear!

Right now I am really tired but also feel wired, I am like a junkie.

2 thoughts on “I am the father of Anna Nicole’s baby!”

  1. The only reason you may think you be anna nicole’s baby’s father is because you also feel like a junkie.

    the two really go hand in hand

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