Productive Weekend…sort of

Got the Scout started after it sat motionless for nearly 4 months. I guess no matter which way you cut it, it’s my fault. I think I last started it in October, maybe early November. Then I got a Bronchoscopy in mid November and everything spiraled out of control with my health after that.

So through a blizzard it sat, in a snowy auto cocoon of sorts. Now that we have seen some substantial melting of the snow I figured it was time. Got the Passat out there near enough for the jumper cables to reach. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get enough juice to get it started. I then went through the process of pulling the battery and taking it to Checker Auto Parts to have it load tested and see if it would hold a charge. Nope, unfortunately the battery drained all the way (damn radio) and it was totally dead. The only good thing is that the battery wasn’t that old so it was only $20 for a new one…woot! I also picked up a new can of starting fluid since my old one was empty.

We got back, I installed the new battery, doused the carb with starting fluid and she started right up. Let it sit running for about 15 minutes then wiggled the Scout around in its spot a little bit so I could get it into 4lo, and just crawled out of the 1.5ft of snow and ice. We took the Scout for a drive after that, the dog was being a real pussy and wouldn’t get it while the Scout was running, it was to “scary” for him I guess. Then he refused to get in the way back because I don’t have the rear seat setup right now. Once we got him back there it was good.

Now that the Scout is running I decided it would be a good idea to be destructive with it and try to take out as much snow as I can in front of the house. Yesterday it was about 60 out so it was perfect weather. Fired up the Scout and went to town. I realized now I only need 2wd to get in and out of the parking spot, that’s just how badass this rig is. Still, for the snow smashing I decided 4hi would be best. I’m sure my neighbors are convinced I am a lunatic already, if they didn’t already think that then they do now as I was going to town just flooring it and plowing over the well packed snow. I didn’t do as much damage to the snow as I had hoped, but I think it was enough to help the melting process along, not to mention it was fun!

I also took the pooch for a walk, it was his first walk in months! I know that sounds cruel, but he does have a big yard to run around in and we have taken him places to stretch his legs. He did pretty good on the walk, but had some erratic behavior that almost got him run over. Sometimes I think Kona might be retarded. otherwise, he walked well on the leash and it was good for both of us.

March will be here soon and that means a lot more activities outside. Not to mention I am getting better still and now I am working on putting on weight and getting some strength back. I am really looking forward to this Summer.

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