The O.C.

Three and a half years ago I found myself sitting in a house off the beach in Newport Beach, California. It was the beginning of life changing events for me, and I was fortunate to be spending time with family on vacation. While relaxing in this wonderful home I caught the series premier of a new television show, The O.C.. Of course this was all the buzz and there were numerous premier parties all over Newport and throughout Orange County.

I’m not one to really get into shows, but I actually liked this one for the fist season. I tried to actually watch the season as it unfolded, but with my busy schedule it was hard to do. Still I saw all the episodes from Season one before season two began.

Season two, well, I caught the first episode and that was about it. I missed the whole season. Thanks to NetflixI figured I would make up for it by doing a marathon run through season two at the beginning of season three.

Unfortunately I was not a big fan of how things unfolded in season two, so again, I skipped season three. Other than the season finale it doesn’t seem like I missed anything of quality. Now that leaves us with season four, the final season that ended tonight.

I have not seen one episode this season, but I made an effort to catch the series finale since I did enjoy the first season and all the press leading up to this episode made it appear that this would be a thought out finale and goodbye. Which, as a viewer I do appreciate, it was good that Josh Schwartz had enough foresight to know the show would most likely not be renewed and set up to wrap up lose ends and all that.

Still, this finale was lacking in many ways. Of course they had no choice, but honestly this should have been a two parter. So much happened in 40 minutes that it was almost too much to digest. I will say that the best thing they did was show the future. Often these shows rap up and everyone heads off in different directions and you are left to your imagination to think what would become of that character had the show continued. The O.C. actually did about a fast forward showing the kids mature at college and beyond, the parents raising their new young children and of course shows Ryan come full circle achieving a goal with his architectural talents and then finding his opportunity to help another underprivileged kid just as he was helped.

Now don’t get me wrong, the show is mostly cheese. So take all this with a grain of salt, but it is about entertainment after all. They also did a little flash back segment as Ryan took one last walk through the condemned Cohen household.

Anyway, on a scale of one to ten I give this finale a 6. Way too much packed into the last episode, but some good things, namely the flash forward at the end, to really solidify what became of the characters the faithful followed for four seasons.

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