Here’s something to ruin your day

I am in such a foul mood, I think I’ll try and bring you all down with me. I had to get a CT scan today. If you have ever had one of your abdomen before you’ll know how much it sucks. You have to drink Barium and lots of it to coat your stomach and intestines. Since Barium has zero nutritional value once it gets through your system, it wants out. One way or another it wants out, and it’s coming out one end or the other.

So you lay there, trying to take your mind off the notion that if you cough you just might crap the table with this lovely liquid you spent an hour drinking 4 bottles of. After suffering through 20 minutes of passing back and forth through the halo holding your breath you are done and free to go.

Free to go really means, go get changed and find a bathroom ASAMFP. Of course if you are shy finding a bathroom is a challenge because, well lets just say, the train is coming into the station and it ain’t stopping. Having others around can be a bit uncomfortable as there are often unpleasant noises accompanying the expulsion of Barium.

Ok, now if that didn’t just brighten you say maybe this will. Sitting at a hospital all day waiting for tests and other appointments you see a lot of things. Mostly they elderly, which bothers me enough. Namely because it makes you think of your own mortality, but at the same time it makes you sad because you never want to see people that are sick. However, today was worse because sitting near me were three different families with infant children waiting for CT or X-rays. X-rays aren’t that big of a deal but the CTs are and I feel so bad for those little babies and their parents.

I always get the comment from the older folk that I am too young to be going through any of this garbage, but in reality it’s these infants and young children who are really too young. They haven’t lived their lives yet and already they are struggling.

One thought on “Here’s something to ruin your day”

  1. I read all that and it didn’t ruin my day.

    the barium treatment sucks. if it helps, one time a friend of yours ate some really bad chicken and had to go to the hospital and stuff, and he could’ve sued them, but then they would have had to take a stool sample.

    haha…best drunken story ever.

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