More than a feelin’

An often played tune at many a house party over the years. This quintessential track from Boston’s self titled album brought on applause from many a drunk party goer witnessing the dawn of the powerhouse air band that resided at Jim’s house.

While there are many fond memories, and accusations that Scrubs ripped us off, today we must take a moment of silence to remember Brad Delp who passed away. Delp was the singer for Boston and as we shouted the lyrics to More than a Feeling at such a level that you could no longer hear Delp sing it, without his addictive vocals we would never have been brazen enough to attempt to air perform the song.

I think it would be hard for us to get the air band back together in a way to perform a proper tribute. The reasons for this include the need to consumer massive quantities of alcohol, combined with the need to have unwilling spectators witness the performance.

Those of you that have been fortunate enough to witness these performances at the house parties or at Chad n Wendi’s wedding (I have never seen so many terrified faces in my life) understand what a great loss this is to myself and the other performing members of the now defunct air band.

I will leave you with some pictured from those performances, tonight I will enjoy a Coors and pour one out in honor of Brad Delp. RIP brother.


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