Stay away from McDonald Automotive VW in Littleton, CO

We have a 2006 VW Passat 2.0t that needed some recall work done. Basically the car decided to not want to stop anymore. We dropped the car off on 03/10/2007 with the idea it would be done that day. Then they needed a part, which is expected, so the car was scheduled to be done Monday 03/12/2007.

I get the call that the car is all done, leave work early, pick up Renee and we head down to the dealership. Get the paperwork, head out to the car, Renee gets in and gets situated, then honks at me with arms waving frantically. I ask her whats going on and she says “it’s not fixed!” I hop in the Passat turn the car on, step on the brake and just hear “hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.” While I am sitting there Renee goes “Oh my God what happened to your car!” I get out and she points at the front wheel. It is comepletely scratched up in a circular pattern around the wheel. I walk towards the rear of the car, the rear wheel looks bad too, head around to the passenger side, both wheels, trashed!

So we head back into the service area and find our service writer. We explain to him first and foremost that there is a terrible hiss, sounding like a loose hose still coming from the car and then we mention the wheels. Now let me preface this by saying I am very anal about keeping my cars looking good. Especially when they are new cars that are not beaters. Discount Tire back in the Spring of 2006 damaged a wheel ever so slightly putting my Summer tires on and I called them on it and had them replace the damaged wheel with a brand new one. When we dropped the car off at McDonald VW on Saturday the wheels were fine. I even washed the car before bringing it down with the expectation that we would do a walk around and look for any damage prior to them taking possession to do the repairs. No walk around was completed.

Ok, so back on track here, after mentioning the problems, the service writer came out to the car with us and hopped in and hear the hissing. He was clearly not pleased with that result because it not only shows the tech didn’t do the job right but either the car was not tested after the work or the tech ignored the obvious sign of failure. We then moved onto the wheels. I pointed out the damage and expressed my big concern over why this would have happened when this work had nothing to do with wheels or tires. The service writer agreed the damage looked to be from a tire machine and said he would look into it. I am a very patient person, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and he got us a rental car.

So now we get into Tuesday 03/13/2007. The car is going to get the work done again, but I am informed more parts must be ordered and that the entire brake booster is going to be replaced. I am also informed that the service manager wont be in until 03/14/2007 and until he comes in they can’t do anything on the wheels. Again, I am patient and calm and accepting because I believe they are going to do the right thing. Nothing else occurs Tuesday.

Wednesday rolls around, 03/14/2007. I get a call at lunch from the service writer updating me that the parts didn’t make it in with the morning delivery and the service manager wont be in until the afternoon. Once again I am completely understanding and patient. Around 4pm I get a call fro the service manager. He calls me only about the wheels. We talk about it but the majority of the first 5 minutes of the call are spent by him talking to me like a child and trying to explain to me repeatedly what causes that damage. I on numerous attempts tried to respond by letting him know I understand what caused it. What’s more important is what is going to be done to rectify the situation. Now of course there are issues that make this a hard situation to prove. It really is a case of my word versus theirs. Which if you have ever dealt with a dealership usually means their word trumps yours and you get screwed.

I stayed as calm as I could talking on the phone with this service writer, but without using the exact words he basically said I was out of luck. Personally, I think this is a load of crap. My wheels were in perfect condition and they are all now ruined. So either McDonald VW did the damage or some wheel fairy snuck in and took the wheels off the car, threw them up on the machine and did the damage. Now I don’t believe in fictitious wheel fairies so that leave only one real culprit, McDonald VW.

They continue to deny they did anything, but honestly, if you jacked up 4 wheels on a car are you really going to admit it? So now, here I sit, still without my car, my car with 4 ruined wheels that will cost about $800 or so to replace. EDIT: I guess they are more like $1000+ to replace!!!

If I have learned anything from this experience, never trust a dealer, especially McDonald Automotive Volkswagen in Littleton, CO. They will ruin your car and tell you you are out of luck.

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  1. I want to join you in telling the truth about McDonald Auto. My daughter leased a VW from them. They asked for co-signer. I was elected. She lost her job, was out of work, behind in pymts. They hassled me repeatedly. End of lease charges, made up, added up and they came after me. They added charges that were covered by insurance, also. I discovered they had SWITCHED the contract, putting my signature in the place of the principle. (I had excellent credit, the daughtrer, none.) I had signed as co-maker. Now why in the world would I need a co-signer on a contract, especially one with poor credit??? They forged my initials on the contract (soooo obviously) as well.
    We are going after them and their license, as well.
    Would love to hear from others cheated by them.

  2. Sorry to hear about your trouble Tom. Your Daughter should have her legal copy of the lease which would show who signed and/or initialed and where. That should help you out. Not to mention the monthly invoices should list with her name first.

    Good luck with your situation, it does not sound like a pleasant one.

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