Update on the Passat and McDonald Automotive

The only person that seems to call me back is the service writer, who can’t talk to me about anything more than when my car will be done.

I have contacted Volkswagen Customer Care and they have done their best to help facilitate communication. The service manager of McDonald Automotive Volkswagen has yet to return a call to me since our initial conversation last Wednesday and also has not returned the call to VW Customer Care. On top of that the rep I spoke with today at VW Customer Care has sided with the dealership clearly and has as well stated that I am out of luck (without using those exact words).

It appears my hands are tied and once again the consumer is going to have to take it in the long run. I could go the legal route and head to small claims, but if I lose there I have to pay court costs on top of replacing the wheels on the car.

The worst part is now I fear for the condition and safety of this car. I am very worried that the car is going to come out with more damage and shoddy repair work because of all this.

I can’t express this enough, DO NOT EVER take your Volkswagen to McDonald Automotive VW at 6000 South Broadway Littleton, CO 80121.

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