A suitable solution from McDonald Automotive VW?

I received a call yesterday from the service manager at McDonald Automotive VW. We discussed the option of refinishing the wheels and approximate costs and who would cover which amounts. While I am not happy about having to pay anything, the offer appears to be acceptable on the surface. I am waiting to hear back more about how this could get accomplished considering the wheels have to come off the car for some period of time. I am assuming about a week.

In the end, when you look at this situation it is really difficult for both parties, we have both stood our ground and we both have had to give a little. I really want this behind us both.

I still need to get the car into another dealership to have the damage evaluated and see if anything other than a tire machine could have caused the damage. On top of that the brakes do not feel right so we will probably have a different dealer address that and get them fixed properly. McDonald had two chances already to remedy the recall issue and can’t appear to get it right either time.

Hopefully in the coming days I will be able to post about a finalized acceptable resolution and can stop wasting so much of my time on this.

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