Springtime means lots of yard work, and that is just what we’ve done. We spent all weekend last weekend outside working on cleaning up, thinning out and filling in.

Here is a list of what we did:

  • Thinned out xeriscaping
  • Raked leaves and grass
  • Filled in missing dirt from the gardens (thanks Kona you punk!)
  • Trimmed back the vines (which exposed a lot of damage to the pergola)
  • Replaced the deadbolt on the shed
  • Raked pine needles from under the crappy pine trees
  • Repaired the fence FINALLY from the neighbors dog destroying it

Of course once we were all done we stood there and said “Did we even do anything?” We spend about 16 or so hours working on the yard over two days and a few weeknights this week and it really seems like we didn’t do much, but we did.

Kona had a good time because we were outside so I would stop for 5 or 10 minutes and throw a ball for him. The cats also supervised from inside, see the pictures below.


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