New Phones For Us!

Renee has been unhappy with her Motorola RAZR since she got it, my Nokia 6600 is just getting a little old and while I have always loved it, the extremely slow menu has always been my biggest gripe.

Anyway, here are our replacements, I got a black Nokia 5300:

Nokia 5300
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And she got the new Motorola RIZR:

Motorola RIZR
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We just did upgrades with T-Mobile and did a contract extension. Both phones are currently exclusive to T-Mobile and are some of the hottest on the market right now as they are both slider phones and feature rich. The 5300 comes with a 1GB sD card which is a HUGE bonus. The RIZR only comes with a 128MB sD. Not that great, but better than nothing. Both phones come with USB cables so you can connect them to your computer for management. I was able to download the PC software for my Nokia and get everything set up without any trouble. Transferring a song from the computer the phone was really simple as well.

Here are the only drawbacks, so T-Mobile uses SIM cards which is great because you can copy your contacts to the card, switch phones and copy and you’re good to go. However, those damn SIM cards can only store one number, so if you had one contact with 4 numbers, there are 4 entries. Along with that, if you had addresses (email or physical) they are gone, they don’t get copied. Then, n my case, booting up the old 6600 I can’t do anything without a SIM in there, so I can;t even bluetooth or IR any images or contact details.

Obviously I could just put Renee’s SIM into my old phone and accomplish this, but it shouldn’t be this complicated.

I’m try to remember to post up again in about a month with an update on the new phones and their cool features and usage.

4 thoughts on “New Phones For Us!”

  1. Anyone who writes this much on his blog about a new cell phone can be described by one word…nerd. I can’t wait until the next posting about an awesome new pocket protector!!! 🙂

  2. You’re just jealous of our new high tech gadgets we can’t even figure out how to work properly! 😛

  3. I never have a problem with saving numbers and addresses and stuff because unless you its the bank calling me about an overdraft…I don’t have any friends.


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