Spring Break in Vegas…Awww Yeah!

Okay, so maybe I am too old for “Spring Break.” However, it is Spring, and I needed a break from work and life in general. I got both, it was awesome. We have been wanting to head back to Vegas since our last trip last year for Wendi’s birthday. After getting ill and going through all that bullshit of trying to stay alive and get better we decided I was well enough and strong enough to take a trip.

Planned the trip at the beginning of March, the plan was to head out on the 31st and come back on April 3. We were of course planning on driving, which we did. I faired pretty well all in all. I had to do all the driving since the UrS4 is a manual. The drive out took us about 11 hours door to door, this includes dropping the dog off at the pet hotel and numerous stops because I was uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, the seats in the Audi are incredible, but in losing all the weight I did well that all came from not just fat but muscle too. What semblance of an ass I had prior to getting sick is now gone. So my butt got real tired sitting for so long. The cruise control also is not working in the Audi, I think if that had been working I would have been better off. It is on my todo list before our next trip in June.

Other than needing to stop a few extra times on the way out, the only other issue on the drive out was the weather in Colorado. It was snowing pretty good in the mountains which made for some adverse conditions until we got to Vail. While approaching Copper Mountain though, our trip was almost over. There was a guy in front of me for awhile that would keep speeding up and driving beyond his limit instead of yielding and moving to the right lane, where there was no traffic. I wasn’t about to screw around and pass on the right because the roads were not that great, however I had snow tires and AWD. He had bald tires and FWD. So he finally gets over and we begin to pass at a steady rate. We are now quickly approaching the Copper exit when he decides he wants back over so he punches it and is racing towards the stopped cars in the right lane, however he is not far enough ahead of us to get over and the road is a little slick. He starts to come over then realizes he is going to come over into our front end, he slams on the brakes so he doesn’t fly into the stopped cars and ends up doing about a 720 on the highway. He narrowly missed our car and somehow managed to come out of it unscathed. Which is great, no reason for anyone to get hurt.

Needless to say my heart was racing for the next 10 miles as I realized how close we came to that being an accident. Once we cleared Vail pass and got into Vail the roads were cleared up and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Once in Vegas we made a pact, no Fat Tuesday before we eat! After checking in to Treasure Island (TI) and checking out the room, we headed down stairs to the Coffee Shop at the TI. The blue plate special was prime rib with a baked potato and veggies. I couldn’t think of a better meal to start my trip with. After enjoying that meal we retrieved out Fat Tuesday mugs from our room and headed over to Caesar’s Palace. Nested deep into the forum shops, near where they do the Atlantis show you will find Fat Tuesday and a sweet exotic car dealership as well as a neat art gallery with a Lamborghini.

Per our usual, we secured our booze for the evening in our 36oz insulated mugs and headed out onto the strip. It was just now dark and everything looked beautiful. This was a great opportunity for me to use my new digital camera so I started taking pictures right away. The last few years of trips I didn’t take many photos because my old digital camera was…old…big and bulky. It’s nice to have a good quality compact camera that fits in my pocket and weighs next to nothing. There was a full (or close to) moon out that first night. Lots and lots of people too, I figure it was the last day of Spring break for a lot of people so it was neat to see the crowds. We walked down about as far as the Bellagio the first night.

A few things to note from our first night, the Barbary Coast is no more, well in name at least. It is now known as Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon. Still the same place, just a new name. Also, it appears Toni Braxton is playing at the Flamingo and there is a GIANT picture of here plastered across the front of the hotel. She is wearing a skimpy outfit and if you pick the right room you will be dead center in her…um…baby factory. We confirmed this the next night when someone had the light on in their room. Of course I intended to get a picture and highlight the areas of interest for staying, but every time I thought to take a picture we didn’t have a good angle. Also, you could choose to stay at one of her nipples as well. I know, why the hell would I think like this. I guess wen you have a 14 story woman looking down at you you tend to see these things.

So the first night was good, saw the water show at Bellagio (never gets old) the volcano show at the Mirage and of course the Sirens show at TI. By that point we were pretty tired and did a little gambling then headed to bed.

The next day we were rejuvenated and armed with our freshly washed out Fat Tuesday mugs it was off to Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York. It is quite walk from TI to NYNY, but the weather was great, about 75 at the time we left and we were well rested so the walk seemed like a nice idea. In the hotter months or if you are tired/drunk a cab will get you there pretty quick or talking the monorail down to MGM lessens the walking distance greatly. As for Nine Fine Irishmen, I can’t recommend this place enough. It is not an upscale dining place but their food is incredible! They also have a great cheese platter as an appetizer that I strongly recommend.

After enjoying a wonderful lunch we headed to MGM Grand to get to Fat Tuesday and check out the lions. Right when you enter MGM from the bridge you end up next to the lion habitat, so we checked it out. They were all sleeping, but I got some nice photos. When you walk underneath them in the glass room they almost don’t seem real. Although it is really impressive to see just how massive these animals are. Their paws and heads are just HUGE. Further into the habitat you could see to tiny little lion cubs being bottle fed and played with. You too could partake in these activities for a mere $200 for FIVE MINUTES. I think if I didn’t get Renee out of there when I did I would have been shelling out $200.

Done with the lion viewing we headed for the lobby at MGM which provides access to the Star Lane Shops where Fat Tuesday resides. This day I was feeling a bit more adventurous and got a 190 Octane, but no extra shot, Renee got a Pina Coloda.

Well Off to a meeting, I will come back later and finish this up. 🙂

Here’s a link to all the pictures:
Vegas Spring 2007

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