OMG, Drama in Aurora!

I have, for some unknown reason, been following this story from Report released, city councilwoman charged. What is really remarkable about it is how this council woman acts like a child in her comments.

Regardless of what really happened, act like an adult, and deal with it privately or through the courts. Even if the school was “retaliating” don’t sling mud. Then again, she is a “politician” so should w be surprised?

Oh, and one last thing, unless you get $40 million for doing movies/sports/business then you can’t use “Don’t you know who I am” unless you follow it up with “I’m the Juggernaut bitch!” Because, for the most part, no one knows or cares who you are. I know I don’t.

If she did “assault” this dean, I hope she is ridiculed. Like place her on a corner with a sign that says “Don’t you know who I am?”

Ahhh….anyway, glad I could read some light humor in the wake of all things tragic this week.

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