It’s Rain, it’s good, why can’t you drive in it?

One of the most perplexing things about Colorado drivers is the collective inability to maneuver a vehicle in adverse conditions. I of course blame this on all the transplants from fair weather states.

Still, we just went through one of our snowiest Winters in quite some time, yet even a little rain can make life hell for everyone.

I am happy that drivers want to be safe, maybe drive a little slower, keep some extra distance. In fact I tend to do the same. However, when the highway speed is 65 mph and you are going 45 in the left lane in rain, it is not very safe, especially with your lights off. Next, the folks driving safely in the right lane, being defensive, why is it that you will drive so cautiously, yet wait until merging highway traffic is is forced to get over to just cut off people in the left lane forcing them to brake hard? How is that safe?

Here are my safety tips for the day, if you can’t safely drive in the weather, stay home or move to another State that has weather to your liking.

Just to stay on the rain topic, if one more person bitches about the weather today they might get smacked. It’s April, not July. People keep complaining that they want 80 degree weather, then move to Phoenix. We got spoiled in March with unseasonably warm weather after being beat down by a good winter. Now everyone wants more. Sure I would love some warmer weather, but it’s coming. Suck it up, we have been in a drought for a fucking decade, we need the water. Once again, I defer most of the bitching to transplants.

It’s going to be 70 this weekend, who cares if the weather is shitty while you are at work. Of course I do feel for construction workers that either have to work in this or defer their work until this weekend. They can bitch, but the rest of the people that have desk jobs can’t.

2 thoughts on “It’s Rain, it’s good, why can’t you drive in it?”

  1. what the fuck is up with this weather?

    I took the light rail to work, as I always do.

    As I zip down I-25 in the train, I sometimes look over and laugh heartily at all your feeble driving problems, sip my coffee, and go back to reading my book.

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