Mortgages, TB Speaker and the Media

First off, I must commend Governor Bill Ritter and the Colorado Legislature for pushing through a change to prevent predatory lending in Colorado. If you pay attention to this stuff at all you will find that Colorado has the had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for most of the last year or so. This is really sad because a lot of people were not educated on what they were really getting into. Sure some of that falls on the consumer, but when you are intentionally getting someone into something that is going to f them over in a few years, well you are a jerk.

The new law requires mortgage brokers to be licensed and the rules around it are nice. It seems on news articles posted today most Realtors and existing mortgage houses are pleased with the change. Legit businesses and brokers have nothing to worry about, it’s just those scum bags that roll in from out of state trying to pounce on people. So yay, something good. Now hopefully we can work our way off that foreclosure list.

Now onto other things in the news, Andrew Speaker, it’s all over the place. The TB patient who terrified a nation. Ha, the damn media loves to spin shit and create mass hysteria. Granted I was a little concerned at first, but as usual the news loves to report on only some of the details and not all. Now we seem to have the whole story and it’s really not that sensational after all. Sure there are very real concerns about passengers on those flights and anyone else he may have been in contact with, but everything is being followed up on.

I bring this up because I spend at least one day a month at National Jewish where he is currently in isolation being treated for his extreme drug resistant TB. I was there last week before he arrived and I asked a ultrasound tech what the feeling was in the hospital. This was down in radiology and he told me some of the folks were nervous and talking about donning multiple masks and all that. I was a little concerned because this institution deals with patients like this all the time. So if they are worried should I be?

I was back there yesterday and things were much different, the media presence is absurd. What a bunch of assholes, yeah I mean you media asstards. There is a guy from the media sitting in the patient waiting area using the phone for patients to call in his report while people wait for their appointments. Granted he technically wasn’t doing anything illegal and couldn’t be made to leave, but show some God damn respect for people. These news reporters are so concerned about themselves and their careers they don’t care about the impact it has on others. National Jewish is a leading research hospital, they have a lot of very sick people come in and out of those doors, people who may even have something far worse than TB. National Jewish deals with TB patients all the time, and has a history as a Sanitarium for TB patients in their past.

My point here is I understand the and respect (to an extent) freedom of the press, without that America would not be so great. However, sometimes we need to step back and think about someone other than ourselves. That reporter could have asked to use a private room to make the call instead of doing in front of patients. NJ is a great place, they are very compassionate and understand these types of things. I just wish the folks working for media outlets shared the same compassion for human life.

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