Camping fun in Wyoming?

Pictures are here, technology sucks and I can’t get the images to freaking link right.

Yes, you heard me, Wyoming. We wanted to take the pooch camping for the first time and well, it seems like all the good reasonably close camping spots in Colorado are always full and crowded.

Thanks to Joe and Karen we got a great recommendation and even map to an awesome location in Wyoming. It was about 2.5 hours from home, not bad at all. You have to drive at least that long to get anywhere good in Colorado.

We took the Audi, I was terrified I was going to get it stuck or destroy it but it worked out just fine. We headed out Saturday morning around 9:30am and got there around noon. We picked one camping spot, but it was really wet, so we walked over to another and realized this may have been the spot Joe and Karen were talking about the view was spectacular. So Renee waited with the dog while I fetched the car and drove it down.

After setting up camp we walked down the valley a little from where we camped. Little creeks all around. We had some lunch, then got back in the car and headed up more into the mountains up to the Libby Flats Observation Point. It was damn cold up there, but very scenic.

After doing some walking around in the snow and admiring the scenery we headed back to camp to try a little hike. We started heading up a 4WD trail so we would have a path to follow but ran into some campers. We headed off into the forest a little bit and took a load off and hung out with the dog the headed back. Not a very long hike all in all.

It was pretty windy during the day and as evening approached I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to build a fire or safely contain one. The whole area was pretty wet, but it was REALLY windy. I started building the fire around 6:30pm and started it off small then the wind stated dying off as if it knew I needed the warmth. We got a good fire brewing and cooked up some dinner. The fire kept us warm but we were going through really old dead wood really fast. That shit is great for getting a fire going, but it burns so fast. The yahoos up the valley started blasting music and shooting their guns. The dog was terrified. We tried to reassure him, but he was pretty stressed. It was a bit comical because he would finally settle down after they would stop and become “brave dog” again then BOOM….BOMBOMBOMBOBMBOMBOMBOMBOBM. And he was scared shitless again.

I had compiled a lot of wood and cut up a bunch but we were pretty much through our supply by 9pm. Which is about the time it got dark. The temps were plummeting so we decided to head into the tent and our bags to keep warm and play cards. In the end we just got all hunkered down for the night and trailed off.

It’s been so long since I had been camping I forgot how eerily quiet it can get and how much you think about being disemboweled by a bear. Fortunately the drunk ass punks up the valley had guns, so if there was any wildlife threat they could probably save our asses. They reminded us again around 11pm of their superior fire power by firing off their .357 one last time to let us know it was bed time.

At that point it was time to visit the forest so the dog and I headed out to relieve ourselves. It was cold as shit, but looking up into the clear sky was so worthwhile. I forgot how nice it is to see stars and how bright and big they look when you get away from the city.

It got down to about 20ish that night, I thought Renee’s bag was rated to zero but it wasn’t, it must have been a 30. She was cold, the dog was cold, I was fine. 🙂 We made it through the night and stayed holed up until the sun hit the tent and warmed us up into the 50’s. We were beat from a restless night and just decided to pack up and head out instead of building another fire and making breakfast.

Next time we will go when it is a little warmer or come better prepared. All in all it was a great time and a great location.