Ever feel like you’re getting nowhere?

We have been in our home for almost two years now. In fact in two weeks it will be two years. Things have really just started coming together this year. Amazingly after nearly buying the farm we got our asses in gear and bought a bunch of furniture. Renee whooped some ass and painted everything, hell we even have art on our walls. Yeah I said art!

We are going to Vegas here in a week and some friends are coming to visit and head out there with us. This means we are scrambling to get everything we can done to the house so it looks presentable. I have so many projects going on I am so unorganized and overwhelmed. I always do this to myself. I am a total fuck up some times.

Anyway, I am trying to systematically get things done and make lists. It’s hard for me to do. Right now it feels like there is no end to the list. Here is what I have to do this week just to get ready for the trip:

  1. Mow yard – DONE
  2. Replace hanging light fixture in kitchen
  3. Finish light switch replacement in foyer
  4. Finish updating guest bathroom
  5. Get bed frame and linens for new guest bed
  6. Clean my office
  7. Clean the basement
  8. File some damn papers
  9. Pay some damn bills
  10. Straighten up garage
  11. Get car into shop before we leave for maintenance

I have 3.5 days to get all this shit done. Not to mention I need to get to work on the Scout pronto. I am already a month behind on that. Although I have been held up by having loaned out my air compressor which will save me a lot of time on the work I need to do.

Right now on the Scout I need to change the engine oil, the front and rear diff oil, clean the shit out of the transmission and transfer case which are both leaking. Reseal and refill those. Once I get that crap cinched up then I can get back to focusing on the body and paint. At this point I plan on painting the door inserts, front bumper and roll bar with rattle can bedliner material. I was going to do a Maaco special on painting the rest of the Scout, but I think I will just pick out a neat color and do it myself. I am partial to flat paint appearances right now. I also wouldn’t mind doing a chalkboard paint, though that is very 2005.

Still, I would love to have the tranny, transfer case and the diffs de-gunked this week so when I get back in town next week I can get right to work on changing out the fluids. Not to mention I want to go do some wheeling.

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