Tom Sizemore you’re no Paris Hilton

What a tragedy, Tom Sizemore, who seemed destined to really make a mark in movies playing tough guys throws it all away for drugs. Not like we haven’t seen it before. Still you have to feel some pity for someone who is so weak.

Now, in the news today, we read he is begging the judge for “another chance.” Um, how many chances do you get buddy? He needs to be forcefully treated and needs not just physical medical treatment but mental as well. Look at the guy, drugs have RUINED his life and his career. Now he does little parts and is a crappy actor. I’m not saying he was a super great actor, but he played his characters well and made it entertaining to watch. Unlike Julia Roberts brother Eric that makes everything painful.

I know I know, be nice, sorry Mr. Roberts. Anyway, Sizemore I fear is going to be in the obituaries soon. He looks like he is 60 (he’s 46 I believe) and is a meth addict (among other things). He has been given so many chances not just by filmmakers, friends and fellow actors but by the courts as well. He has been pretty fortunate to spend such little time in jail as he has and I would say he has been given every chance available and each time he fucks it up.

The whizzinator incidents, the failing to complete rehab, the continued drug use when ordered not to. He doesn’t just lie to the courts, he lies to himself. He tricks himself into thinking everything is okay.

Well here’s to you Tom Sizemore, I’ll tell you what. if you live to see your next birthday (later this year) I will come back and try to post something positive about you. I guess maybe that you lived to see another birthday. Quit being such a loser and get your shit together. You are still young enough to straighten some shit out and maybe catch a few more good movie roles before you are too old for hollywood. Or, just keep it all int he garbage like it already is. What the hell do I care.

I will say this, when I first saw True Romance back in 93 I sat there and said, this Sizemore guy is pretty good. I bet we see some good stuff from him in the future. We did, but even that was tainted. Ten years (at least) you have been destroying yourself. Your body can’t take it much longer, your heart is weak, your mind is weak. You will be dead soon. So STOP.

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