Vegas | June 2007

Back from another trip. This time we went with some friends Steph and her husband Matt. They first headed to Colorado for a couple days of fun then we all headed out to Vegas.

The drive out was uneventful, it was damn hot there as expected, about 106 when we arrived and stayed about that temp during the day while we were there. Since Renee and I go often we threw our usual routine out the window to make sure we were able to do everything Steph and Matt might have had their hearts set on. Not to mention it provided us the opportunity to do something a little different.

The first night we had some In n Out burger on the way into town then headed to Fat Tuesday (as usual) after checking in to get a much needed slushy beverage. They did finally change the Hurricane to the Cat 5 Hurricane. It is now as powerful as the 190 Octane. I now like to mix the two flavors, it is really good! Since this was at MGM we headed into the Casino for some gambling and things like that.

Monday was the walking day. Yep, up the strip. We had our sights set high We were going to walk to Circus Circus for a $1 dog and a $1.25 margarita. Well it was hot and by the time we got to Big Bills (formerly Barbary Coast) from the Luxor we needed food. Luckily they had a dog and a beer for $3. Got that and moved on. Not getting too much further down the strip we stopped at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville for a…margarita…and some nachos.

Now we were serious about progress and kept walking. Bypassing most usual stops for Renee and I. Now I forgot just how far CC was. For some reason I was thinking it was by O’Sheas and Casino Royale, but as usual I was wrong.

By the time we were by the Wynn we were pretty tired. However, we had to press on. We crossed the street and headed past the Fashion Show Mall then onto the soon to be dismantled Frontier Hotel and Casino. I guess it is FINALLY closing down in mid July. It is being replaced with a new development called Tahiti Village. I believe the Stardust had been next door and already has been downed and cleared out. We did hang out in the Frontier for a few minutes since we knew it was the last time any of us would see it.

Now it was time for Circus Circus and Slotsa fun. Slotsa fun was really the place with the cheap dog and drink, but we still headed into Circus Circus to see if they had it in there too. They did not, but we did get to catch a couple of the circus acts they do, which are really just acrobatic acts. No clowns thankfully.

While everyone was taking a load off I headed over to slotsa fun to get what we walked all this way for. A 1/2 lb, foot long hot dog for $1.07 after tax. Then I got my $1.25 margarita and headed back in. We walked about 4 hours to get this damn thing. I ate only half of it.

After all that walking we skipped heading back to the hotel and caught a bus to Fremont Street. I haven’t been down there since just before they covered it and turned it into the Fremont Street Experience. I was looking forward to checking it out.

It was kid of odd at first because I started having some imagery flashbacks from the only other time I had been down there and was really amazed. I know it’s hard to believe that in the dozen times I have been to Vegas in the last handful of years I never went down there. 1995 was the last time.

I was impressed with what they had done and how it was done. Definitley made it a neat “experience.” We grabbed a $6.95 prime rib dinner at the Golden Gate. Can you believe it, I can’t remember the last time I got a $6.95 PR dinner in Vegas. It was decent, better than I had expected so it was a bonus!

The last full day there, Tuesday had us going back to Fat Tuesdays and laying low. We just gambled at MGM, did some gift shopping for our friends kids and the big point was to not walk everywhere.

We followed that up with an always fabulous meal at Nine Fine Irishmen.

I have some pictures and will have more soon from Steph and Matt!

Fat Tuesday at MGM

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