Big Vegas in 2008

This weekend a small group got together at LoDo’s in Lone Tree…sounds so weird to say that…had a few drinks, ate some nachos and came up with an idea that will shake you to your core.


Start saving your pennies kids, because you’re going. What? Did I stutter? You are going.

Get your shit together, you have 11.5 months to get sitters, take time off, figure out how to go out and have some fun.

More details will follow, but the tentative goal is the third week of June, it will be hot, but no un-Godly hot. Should be low 100’s. Nothing a Fat Tuesday or two can’t cure. We are trying to make this a big thing for all the friends and there is a potential for a big surprise while there, no guarantees and no details right now, then again it wouldn’t be a surprise if we gave it all away now would it?

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

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