Doing some work on the ol’ Scout

After spending the last couple years mostly sitting due to high gas prices and the like I decided it was time to get my ass in gear and finish some unfinished projects.

First up, the sorely neglected front and rear differentials were drained, and refilled. Then the transmission and transfer case. At the same time I have been working on scraping all the built up shit that has compiled over thirty years.

I am now moving onto cleaning the beast within an inch of it’s life, applying primer and paint. I already screwed up one part of this process by loosing some of my door hardware inside the door inserts. So this may turn into two projects in the process.

Regardless, i want everything done on the primer side, then I will paint the door inserts with spray on bedliner. I then plan to paint the rest of the Scout some soon to be determined color. I will either do it rattle can styles or finally try out my sprayer that I have yet to use.

I still need to get my carbeurator trouble figured out and track down a “ticking” noise coming from the engine area. I also notices my exhaust seems to be a little loose at the manifold, not sure what I will be able to do there.

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