Rest in Peace Jasper Quinn (JJ) 1990 – August 8, 2007

I started writing this 6 weeks ago and couldn’t bear writing more knowing where things were going…..

We have recently been forced in to the reality of accepting that we outlive our pets. Our oldest cat Jasper aka JJ is seventeen and was just diagnosed with Lymphoma and renal failure. He spent last weekend at the Animal Hospital Center near our home to receive IV fluids and run through tests to come to these conclusions.

It was a pretty emotional weekend, Renee has had Jasper for 16 years. She rescued him from a shelter when he was about a year to a year and half old while she lived in New Mexico. This cat has been one in a million that’s for sure. I have never seen a cat behave the way he does when he is around her or even me.

I can’t really put into words how much he means to her, or to me for that matter. It does seem a little odd being so attached to a pet, but you know, at the same time it doesn’t. They never judge you, their love is unconditional.

JJ at the hospital on July 1, 2007

JJ Passed away yesterday morning. He started slipping away during the previous 36hours and by 4am Wednesday morning he was in really bad shape. We really tried to do everything right, but you can’t help beating yourself up. We were able to be there and say goodbye, which was very important to us, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

JJ at home August 6th 2007

He was a real joy and really enhanced out lives in a way I can’t even put into words. Renee was like the Sun of his universe and he rotated around her. I was kind of like a moon that gravitated nearby. As a family we had our little routines, things that occurred on a daily basis that you don’t really think about until they stop.

Waking up this morning was difficult. Almost more difficult than going to sleep last night. Though I chalk that up total physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. The house seems so quiet now, so empty, yet we still have Elvis-cat and Kona-Bob the dog. Every morning JJ would wake up and start “talking” right away to get us up and going. He would stick with us while we got ready, seeking attention which we would promptly give. He’s also try and draw us back to bed. There is nothing more he wanted in the world than for us to spend the whole day in bed.

Our lives were thrown into a crazy spin when we found out he was going to die soon. We spent a lot of time with him, enjoying his company and taking care of him. He needed medications twice a day and we had to administer sub cutaneous fluids first every other day, then daily, then twice daily (smaller amounts twice a day). Taking care of him took a lot of time, it was still only six weeks, but I would love to still be caring for him.

To a lot of people a pet is a pet, and to an extent they are. However, many people grow a special bond with their pet(s) and they become an extension of the family. When you have a strong bond it is similar to losing a human family member. I can’t say it is as hard as losing a parent, sibling or child, but it’s pretty damn close.

I guess I am jumping all over the place, I could write pages about JJ’s life with us and all the great things. Right now, all I can really say is we miss him terribly and would give anything to have him back with us. If you are the praying type, please say a prayer for his soul and that he is a happy place, with no suffering.

One thought on “Rest in Peace Jasper Quinn (JJ) 1990 – August 8, 2007”

  1. Jay and Renee —

    So sorry to read about Jasper!

    I have lost pets before, but never with the kind of connection and longevity as that with your cat (and I dread the day) — it is HARD.

    Jasper had a wonderful, long life surrounded by people (and critters) who loved him — take comfort in that! He was a lucky guy.

    I’m convinced pets, during their short time with us, make us better people. I’m sure Elvis and Kona agree they are better pets, too, having known JJ.


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