Moving on and reflecting.

It’s been about a month now, it’s time to get back to normalcy here with my blog life. Adjusting to life without Jasper has been tough, I think it’s tougher now than it was after a week. I keep thinking he’s coming home, but he’s not.

We have been keeping busy though, not to forget, but so we don’t dwell. A week ago we entered the Audi in to Dubs Along the Rockies, which is a Vw/Audi show in Colorado Springs. We brought home the best in class award for “Other Audi.” Since my car is a little old, it didn’t fit into another class. However, I did have some stiff competition, a 2003 Audi RS6, my friend Andrew’s Audi Allroad with many many upgrades. There was also a nice Audi 90 CS and an Audi 90 Coupe.

Renee and I began work this weekend refinishing the pergola out back. It covers our entire back patio. The previous owners were odd. They were very creative and it appears things were well engineered, but when it came to choices in products to use and finishing the work they were very half-assed.

While removing slats from the top of the pergola that provide shade we found them all to be bad. Well all but two. Why two? Well two were wood, the remainder were all MDF. Yes, Multi Density Fiberboard. This stuff is not designed to be used outside. I mean if you sealed the hell out of it it might last. I don’t even think they primered these babies before putting on a light coat of paint.

They were all warped and were about 1/2 to 1″ thicker because of water retention and rot. We had to replace 62 slats. The remainder of the pergola is wood, so some power washing and scraping to remove old loose paint. We picked up some Behr Premium Plus Ultra™ Exterior Semi-Gloss Enamel from Home Depot. Initially we picked up a 5 gal can of Primer only, but found this and so far we like the look. Lets hope it holds up. We have been applying about 2 coats to the old painted wood and will be doing about 3 -4 coats on the new wood slats.

We hope to wrap this project up by the end of the month, however, this weekend we are heading to Salida for Kolorado Treffen. This is slated to be the first of it’s kind event in Colorado. Not a show, not a brand specific event, but a way for auto enthusiasts to get together and talk cars, have fun and go drive.

The following weekend is Guy’s Weekend in Breckenridge. Renee isn’t too happy about me being gone for a few days, but it will be fun to hang with the guys and watch them get wasted.

That’s it for now, I will try and get some in progress and after pictures of the pergola if I remember to.

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