1983 Mongoose Supergoose

Hells yeah, you read that, 1983 Mongoose Supergoose. I have owned this bike all it’s life. It is a 1983 model, but I think we got it in 84 or 85 I can’t recall. Maybe we did get it in 83. Anyway, was a long ass time ago.

My Dad won a raffle, the prize was a new fangled Mountain Bike thingy. Well it was way too big for me or for my sis. So he took it to a bike shop. Since Mountain Bike’s were the new thing the shop basically said, pick something. When my Dad came home I about pooped myself. An honest to God BMX bike was in my posession. So long Huffy, hello big time.

The old Huffy was so heavy I couldn’t ride it up big hills, but with the new Chromoly and Pro Class lightened wheels I could ride all day and pull off sweet ass jumps.

This Goose has been hanging in the garage at my parents house since about 1993 – 1994. I succumbed to the mountain bike rage in 1992 shortly before heading off to College. Then you wouldn’t be caught dead on a BMX. 12 years later they are hot as ever.

My plan is to at least bring this bike back to it’s former glory. While I see dollar signs just looking at it, my intention is to restore and enjoy. Maybe after awhile I will sell it. It should fetch about the same it sold for in 1983, maybe more.

I found this great site called BMX Museum, so even if you’re not restoring a bike but want to relive some memories and see what people have done to bring some classics back it is a great resource. You can check out my bike there too: 1983 Mongoose Supergoose.

Here are some pictures in it’s current state:

4 thoughts on “1983 Mongoose Supergoose”

  1. Hey nice bike man, any up to date pictures, maybe any interest in selling? I used to own one back in Ireland.

  2. Thanks for the comments. I have no plans to sell it yet. I have put off the restoration until at least Spring so no new photos. Kind of a time and money thing. Once I restore it I will probably enjoy it a little then consider selling it. Only time will tell.

  3. What color is the winners Choice decal on the seat tube, is it white or silver?

    Any plans for the bike yet?

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