Guy’s Weekend Wrapup

This past weekend was “Guy’s Weekend.” Spawned from a few different bachelor parties in the mountains, once we realized that it was going to be awhile until another bachelor party we instituted guy’s weekend. Technically 2006 was the first annual Guy’s Weekend. This year we were a little less organized due to busy schedules and lost out on getting the same house. Nevertheless GPC pulled through and found us a sweet condo just at the edge of town. Oh what town, the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Fortunately for us, it was also Oktoberfest in Breckenridge so we had everything figured out. Go up Friday night, get drunk. Get up Saturday and hit up Oktoberfest for the day. I must admit, if you’ve never been to the Breckenridge Oktoberfest I highly recommend it. This was my first time and I look forward to going again next year. Without a doubt you need a place to stay up there for it or at least for sure have a sober driver. There were two beer vendors, Paulaner and Breckenridge. I of course drank Paulaner all day, starting with their Oktoberfest and finishing with their trusty Lager. Hey I was in the sun all day.

Personally I think it’s silly to have any non German beer as an option, but it is in Breckenridge and the Breckenridge Brewery was a sponsor anyway. It wasn’t terrible in price, you bought drink tickets. They were $4 a piece. You could also buy a 16oz or 24 – 28oz stein. By the time I had enough to drink to be willing to splurge and buy a stein they were out of the big ones and I got stuck with a little one. I even got heckled by a girl for not having a larger stein. Boy does that just sound so wrong.

The event culminated in us watching a long unseen occurrence of a drunken fight. It appeared to began as any spat, then evolved into a slap fight and ended abruptly as one guy punched and knocked out the other guy. Ahh the memories of being young again. I’ll have to say the Breckenridge po-po were very cool and calm with just about everything.

All in all Guys Weekend kicked ass, I look forward to next year and hopefully more people can make it.

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