Do something good and get some cash for doing it!

I have written in the past about donating plasma, it’s good for everyone if you are eligible to do it. Because of your generous donation of life saving plasma most donation centers will compensate you for your donation because of the time it takes.

A company called Talecris is the manufacturer of Gamunex, one of, if not the best, IVIG product on the market. It is the choice product of National Jewish which is a leading research hospital in immunological and respiratory illnesses. Talecris has some plasma donation centers set up around the country including two locations in Colorado. The reason I point this out is some people have asked how they could potentially donate to directly benefit me. Well since you can’t direct that your plasma go to me, donating to the source of the IVIG product I (and many others) receive is the next best thing I guess.

No matter what, if you can donate plasma please do. It makes a huge difference on many people’s lives.

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