Trying to squash the jinx or Ski Season is coming!

I haven’t skied in 3.5 seasons due to various ailments, surgeries and being told not to by my famed doctors.

This year however (much like I said last year) is different. I am going. I bought my 4 Pass to Copper Mountain. They open November 2. I hope to go up there and get an early day in this season. Then ski the week after Christmas and then maybe a handful more times. We’ll see. I’d like to get in enough days to justify buying a pass for next season.

Hell I even got a new jacket, so now with another season of investing in ski passes and gear, lets hope the curse has broken and I can actually go ski. I know my crazy days are behind me, I can’t go ski like I used to, but just being up there and carving some turns is really going to make me happy.

Just to keep things going, here is a regularly updated mountain cam image from Copper.
Copper Mountain

One thought on “Trying to squash the jinx or Ski Season is coming!”

  1. Jay,

    I will traveling to Copper in Nov. 15 – 18. I am just riding on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th are on-snow training for USASA, an organization I volunteer with (imagine Little League Snowboarding)

    I command you to tell your boss you will be sick on Nov. 15


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