iPhone Cool, iPhone Commercials Lamer than Britney Spears

I get it, the iPhone is kick ass. If you haven’t had the chance to check one out I say avoid it unless you are ready to get a new phone because once you get your hands on one you’ll want to keep it. Enough about what we already know.

These iPhone commercials are terrible, they are such a stretch.

Commercial 1: The guy with too many gadgets. The premise is this dude standing there talking about how he has one device for texting, one for phone calls, one for something else and a PDA. So four devices. So sure, some folks may have a phone and a PDA, that makes sense. Who, other than this guy apparently, in the world carries around 3 or 4 mobile devices to stay connected. If he is so picky about texting then he would be furious with the iPhone so we know that this commercial is totally lame.

Commercial 2: The guy talking about how they are going to dinner with his wife’s boss and his fiance and they can’t remember the fiance’s name. Sure, great way to blab about internet access on the iPhone. They mention they go to the website for the couples impending wedding to find the fiance’s name. Well often people use their first names for websites. Yes, wedding planning sites may use the grooms name so I understand that, but to me it seems like they would probably end up knowing the fiance’s name before getting to the site.

Commercial 3: The pilot, this is really bad. Basically this pilot gets held up becuase of weather and uses his iPhone to check weather.com to see the storm has passed and radios the tower to clear them. Unbelievable no doubt.

Am I a picky sonofabitch, yes. Commercials have gone so over the edge as of late in terms of “testimonials” that crap like this just has to be highlighted.

Just to reiterate, iPhones have changed the world in 4 months, and will continue to kick ass, but please, spare us the horrible advertisements.

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