Scout Evolution and De-Evolution.

This is what the Scout was like circa Summer 2001, badly rusting through the floor boards, cab mounts, rockers, rear quarters and more. Hey from far she don’t look too shabby.


In late Summer 2001 I had the floors redone, a rusty door replaced and a new steering wheel put in and swapped out the chrome wagon wheels for some 15×8 black rock crawler wheels.


In Fall 2003 I decided it was time to convert the Scout to a Super Scout II. This model was a factory option from 1977 – 1980. Since my Scout was a 1977 I thought it would be somewhat legit to do. Also, since I was only using the Scout for recreational purposes I thought why not, I like taking the top off in the Summer and having no doors then is nice too. This involved replacing the rear quarters that were rusting with fiberglass, some fiberglass door inserts and some patching of the front quarters as well.


So this is pretty much what the Scout looks like still today, four years later. For four years I have said “I’m going to paint it this year!” Well health reasons, money, time, you name it I had an excuse. Here is a picture from a couple months ago.


After a lot of thought, I realized the conversion experiment was just not working out for me. I mean sure, I love being able to go topless and doorless on a whim, but it really doesn’t make sense living in Colorado and for what I use the Scout for. I really like using the Scout for wheeling and camping and hauling stuff around so I have come to the conclusion that it’s time for it to go back to a regular Scout II. Back to a steel top and doors. Most of all, time to get it painted!

I hope to have a friend of mine do the work, the same guy that did all the other work. I can’t imagine I would still have the Scout today if it weren’t for his excellent body work.

Other than getting it back to “stock” I need to determine what color to paint it and whether or not I want the top painted the same color or a different color.

Stay tuned, and if you have any good ideas let me know.

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