Some people are real jackasses

My Audi has been out of commission for a few weeks now with a broken spring that I am trying to get covered through a warranty. In the mean time I have needed to rely on my trusty old Scout to be my primary form of transportation. I have the bike too, but I can’t ride it every day.

This little rant is about what jackasses drivers are and it’s all related to what you drive. When I drive the Audi, or even the Passat I very rarely if ever get cut off. In the Scout it happens about every 100 ft. What’s even more ridiculous about that is these people do it and they don’t even consider they are cutting off, and typically slamming on their brakes so they don’t rear end someone on, a 30 year old 3 ton truck.

Braking systems were not all that fancy back then and the saying is “He with the most tonnage wins.” Of course this puts me in a bad position because it would be me rear ending Mr/Ms Jackass so then I have to slam on the brakes and lets not forget the guy tailgating me for some unknown reason.

I drive the Scout at least the speed limit in zones 65mph or less, and since my commute never hits the 75 mph zones speed is not a factor. Not to mention I have a lot of torque with my little V8 so I can handle the hills just fine throughout the commute. For some reason as soon as their is a hill people decide to race up on me and pass and cut me off because I can only assume they aren’t expecting me to stay at a constant rate of speed.

In the Audi, I am rarely tailgated and no one questions if I will have enough power.

In the Scout, if I put on my signal well ahead of time people will accelerate to prevent me from coming over. Keep in mind I will not get in the left lane on the highway unless I absolutely have to and even then, I make sure I have ample room. So those rare times that I need to get over (accident, concrete truck going 40mph, etc.), just let me over, you’ll be surprised how quickly I can get back to the speed limit. If these jackasses would not have sped up to prevent me from coming over I could have moved over and their momentum most likely would not have been impeded. Especially when you figure another car ahead of me is just going to slow them down anyway.

With the Audi,I put on my signal and most people let me in.

Now the best part about this, is on the road people treat me with no respect, but these same people will come out of their way in a parking lot to come talk to me about my Scout for 10 minutes.

So lets recap here, if you want to drive like a total jackass go ahead, sooner or later it will wind up being a bad situation for you. I have a test for you, with your typical morning commute go ahead and drive like a total dickwad like you normally do, and time it. Just drive “normal” for you. Now the next day, be courteous, meaning let people in, plan ahead for your exit instead of waiting until the last possible moment. Time that. I think you’ll be surprised to find very little difference at all.

I had a guy cut me off FOUR TIMES on Friday on my way to work, and I mean bad each time. Sure he got way ahead of me. Then as I got off at my final exit for work I rolled up to the light and guess what vehicle was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Not only did he probably increase his stress level and endanger the lives of other drivers, he wasted a lot of fuel and for what…to be at the same spot as me at the same time. Sweet.

Also, if you are going to drive like a jackass, don’t come up and talk to me in a parking lot after being a total fucking dick on the road. I really don’t care what kind of a hurry you were in or how cool you think my “Jeep” (sigh) is. If you have the time to talk to me in the parking lot chances are you aren’t in that big of a hurry.

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