6 or 7 Month Review of Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Phone

Back in the Spring we decided to upgrade our phones, I chose the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic. I liked the features, the size, the music player, camera, video and slider capabilities.

I knew the iPhone would be out in a few months when I got it, but I didn’t want to shell out that money for an iPhone and I figured once this contract was up the iPhone will be more affordable and there will be more iPhone competitors.

In the end, the phone has been pretty easy to use. I previously used a Nokia 6600 Smartphone. I absolutely love that 6600 and still do, but it is a little oversized and there are limitations on it’s media capabilities that really bug me. However, the one thing built into the 6600 that is not in the 5300 that pisses me off to n extent is email.

The 5300 I got through t-mobile, I didn’t even think to ask. I mean my previous Nokias all had built in email capabilities (able to send and receive email if you have an internet or wap connection). With the 6600 I could take a picture and fire it off in an email right awat to someone. With the 5300 if I take a picture, I have to wait until I get home, connect it to my computer and offload the picture. This is the most ridiculous process in my mind. How could they leave such a simple and widely used feature off of the phone.

Now there is the ability to have email on the phone, but only in the service provider offers a “special” service which is stupid. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off to the point I want to throw this feature packed phone across the room!

Other than the irritating point that there is no email, the features built in are great. It has an awesome speaker so you can play music for everyone. When i do it at work, people are surprised to see it is a phone. The included headphones are required to pick up FM stations, but it’s nice to have radio capabilities built in. The PC software is okay, it takes a little toying with it to get everything working right but the learning curve is small.

I do think the 5300 is a great phone, if you’ve never had a smart phone or anything other than a base free phone this is a great option. Even with the new offerings on the market I think this is a viable option through T-Mobile if they are your carrier. Just know in advance, if you want built in email, keep looking.

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