Bad things come in threes right?

So what’s next in these two situations….

Situation 1:
A few months ago we lost our cat JJ to cancer, it is still too fresh in our minds. Yesterday one of Renee’s other cats she had living with her mom passed away. She was 21 and had been ill for a couple years so she lived a good life, but it still it pretty hard.

So what’s next?

Situation 2:
The drivers side front spring on the Audi broke, regardless it is going to be expensive to get taken car of, it is just a matter of how much. If H&R honors their warranty and covers it woo hoo, that cuts down the cost significantly, but labor will be a lot.

It is time to replace the timing belt on the Audi, so the money it would cost to do that is now spread too thin because of the broken spring.

So what’s next?

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