Scout Madness

Sticking with the madness theme (if you can call it that) in titles here is another. Recently I replaced the entire fuel line in the Scout. It was long overdo and as it turns out extremely dangerous in it’s former state. After doing that I realized I probably needed to change my plugs as I was always running pretty lean with the fuel starvation.

Went and bought some Autolite 85’s and gapped them to .035 for my 1977 IHC Scout II with a 304 V8. I know this is not what the counter monkey’s at the parts store say to use, but it is what is widely regarded as the best choice in the IH community.

I also posted most of that above for others searching for those details. Anyway, replaced the plugs, the Scout seemed to run a lot better! I drove it to work and it was fine until my last turn before reaching the office and it began stumbling like it was missing. I figured it was a loose plug wire.

I had to meet a fellow Audi owner at lunch to pick up some parts for the S4 and when we were done talking I decided to finally check the plug wires. Much to my amazement all the plugs wires looked to be in place, I see 8 orange caps…wait a minute! Once of the wires popped out of the cap! I was probably arcing to the block!

A quick phone call to a co-worker yielded me a ride to the parts store and a new set of plug wires. Did a quick fix replacing one in the Best Buy parking lot. Scout runs good again now, but I still need to replace the other seven so they are all equal. I just need some daylight!

Driving the Scout every day while the Audi is out of commission has been an adventure. I look forward to it reverting back to a regular Scout II and enjoying it more. It really is a fun vehicle to drive and I feel bad about neglecting it for so long. It’s really not that hard to work on. Just need to bite the bullet and tackle the job.

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