Beating this cold down with a fist!

Finally coming around from this nasty cold. Spent my weekend holed up until Sunday afternoon. Then I went out, finished changing out my plug wires on the Scout. Did some investigating on a flopping belt and found one of my crank pulley’s is bent.

I also noticed that with all this driving the Scout is almost leaking more oil than it did before I replaced most of the seals and gaskets. I guess fortunately it all appears to be valve cover and oil pan related so other than being a pain in the ass to clean everything back up, it should be easy to resolve. I probably overtightened the bolts on those aluminum parts and messed up the seal.

The Audi hits the shop finally tomorrow to get some replacement springs in the front after having one disintegrate and the other about to. Also getting the timing belt replaced. Just in time for our trip to New Mexico too.

It’s nice to be feeling better, today is infusion day so that will help too. Sadly it seems like I am always getting concerning news from doctors so off for more tests and the sort later this week. I’m trying to always look at the positive side of things, but sometimes it’s easier to just be down.

If all goes well with the Audi over the next few days it appears the Scout will be heading to get it’s makeover this weekend. Now I just need to find someone to make the trek with me so I can get back home.

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