OMG, I suck at teh blogging!

I know it’s been a long long long time. Like everyone else the holiday’s were hectic. Then rolled in the new year and I have been pretty busy.

The good news is I have been skiing twice and I am heading up again tomorrow. It has been great so far. I was really worried about the time away from skiing but it was pretty easy to get my ski legs back.

The Scout is still off on it’s retreat of getting another face lift. Work has been pretty busy, I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with the company. The longest I have ever continually worked for a company. It is a long time, but it has gone by fast.

We are getting geared up for the June trip to Vegas. Yeah that’s right, 11th – 14th, make your res now punks!

Oh, my parents sold their house. It was on the market for like a month and a half, maybe two months. It all happened so quick. I am very happy about their new house (saw it today), but at the same time I am sad because it was the house I spent my teen and early adult years in.

On a much sadder note, my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. She was the last of my blood grandparents to pass on. We were fortunate enough to have her living here in Colorado for about 10 years. She had just moved down to Phoenix to live with my Uncle and Cousins late last Summer. I guess I am happy knowing she got to spend time with them, and their little girls before passing.

We miss her dearly. 🙁

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